Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be.


Private Personal Training

One-on-one customized programs to meet your specific health and fitness goals. I will assess your health history, physical abilities, fitness level, lifestyle, and goals in order to design a personalized program to help you achieve maximum results.

Partner Personal Training

Get fit with a friend! One of the best ways to stick to a fitness program is to have someone hold you accountable and provide encouragement. Scheduling Partner Personal Training sessions means double the fun and motivation of working towards your goals with a friend.

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is a powerful tool for creating change in the human body. In addition to preventing disease, proper nutrition can bring about abundant energy, vitality and optimal health. Too often, fad diets leave you feeling deprived, bored or worse; with the weight back on in a few months. I will coach you through one habit at a time to develop more mindful eating while focusing on an Eating Lifestyle that works for you.

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