-Steve G.

Jeanine is a great motivator and knows physiology and training procedures better than any other trainer that I’ve had in the past. She started off with basics to safely assess my condition and has steadily pushed me to tone up and improve. She also has a great positive outlook and a great sense of humor. She keeps me coming to the gym and has been responsible for a noticeable change in my balance, strength and weight loss.

-Steve G

-Samantha R.

I look forward to my “Jeanine time”. No matter what kind of mood I am in when I start my session, I am always feeling great and smiling by the end…and it’s not because Jeanine takes it easy on me. Our workouts together are challenging and there is no doubt I would not push myself as hard as Jeanine pushes me. Jeanine is a great coach and cheerleader of my progress. LOVE her!

-Samantha R

-Lisa M.

I have been quite consistent with my work outs over the last 5+ years however, now that I am in my 40s I feel like I don’t see the results that I would LIKE to see and the frustration of this was my reason for starting services with Jeanine. What I have learned from working with Jeanine is that my “consistent” workouts had lead me to a plateau where I wasn’t challenging myself enough and not moving out of my exercise comfort zone and thus not making any significant changes to my physique. Jeanine has taught me the importance of exercise progression and how important it is to switch up my routine… not allowing my body to get used to the same workout. In addition to my weight loss and increased muscle tone, I genuinely enjoy my time with Jeanine. She is always focused on me and my needs…making MY goals her goals…and I am finally getting the results that I have wanted for so long.

-Lisa M

-Jim E.

I was referred to Jeanine by my doctor due to concerns with my high blood pressure, increasing waistline, and sedentary lifestyle. While I tried here and there to become more active, I was never drawn to the gym and always saw it as a chore and something I HAD to do. My doctor was not playing when he said I need to become more active or else I would likely experience more health issues than I already had. I met Jeanine and immediately felt comfortable with her kind demeanor and warm personality. She was very thorough with her questions of my goals, health, and medical background (which at this point in my life is unfortunately quite extensive). Jeanine developed an exercise plan that was incremental in level of difficulty and I began to see improvement almost immediately. I first noticed improvements in my balance (something I didn’t even know I had issues with) followed by a steady increase in strength. I also quickly noticed something I never thought would happen… I actually looked forward to my workouts! Improvements in balance and strength continued as was a steady loss in weight and a dramatic increase in energy. I am a huge fan of Jeanine and her personalized approach to my needs and workouts. We have a great time together but boy does she make me work. I have not felt this good in a long long time and my blood pressure has decreased substantially. I am a huge fan of this girl.

-Jim E

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