TO Jeanine Lynn Fitness!
We offer private, personalized fitness training and nutrition coaching remotely via Zoom! Now you can get fit and healthy from the privacy of your own home! Just think of all the time you will save by not having to drive to the gym. Because our workouts are in real time, you will receive exercise and form feedback and modifications to make sure we safely get you to your goals, injury free!
Jeanine Lynn Fitness specializes in full body circuit training with workouts offered in timed intervals that build strength, burn fat, and provide cardio conditioning. Every workout is tailored just for you!
Why Choose Us?
Customized workouts just for you.

No generic, one size fits all programs here! Because our remote sessions are in real time, you will always receive focused attention, feedback, and correction on form to safely avoid exercise related injury.

Save time!

There is truly nothing more convenient than exercising from your own home. No need to drive to a gym, just grab a water bottle and towel, open your laptop or tablet and we can begin our session!

Utilize our accountability

Lacking motivation? That’s ok, you have an accountability partner in me! We rely on planning and programs to get the work done. Now let’s start building those healthy habits and create lasting change!

Our news
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My training clients will tell you that I am a big supporter of step tracking devices as I firmly believe they are a great reminder to move MORE throughout the day. Let me share a little information with you that may or may not be surprising…. but either way, might inspire you to get stepping.

What’s the first food you think of when I say the word sugar? Cookies? Candy? Ice Cream? This beautiful pink sprinkled donut right here? I bet you didn’t think of ketchup…. or cereal. And in this, lies the problem. We still think of “sweets” when we think of sugar, instead of realizing that sugar is in SO MANY of the everyday processed foods we consume.

If you’ve ever aspired to lose weight or if you currently desire to, then you know that in order to see results, you must set a goal, and lay out a plan to reach that goal. For weight loss related goals, the plan will likely include exercise specifics, dietary changes and swapping out some bad habits for good, healthy ones. Sounds pretty straight, forward right? Maybe…and maybe not.